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Unique Challenges, Special Rules

People over the age of 50 have a unique set of challenges facing them if an injury or illness prevents them from working.  The older we get, the less adaptable we may be to new work situations, it becomes more difficult to learn and apply new skills, and we may be unable to meet the physical demands of the work that we were able to do when we were younger.

If you’re over the age of 50, it’s important to get an attorney who understands that there are special rules and regulations that may make you eligible for disability benefits.  These rules are embodied in the “Medical Vocational Guidelines,” which are used by the Social Security Administration to determine disability.

Unfortunately, even experienced Social Security staff may not apply the “Over Age 50” rules and regulations correctly.  A good disability attorney will make sure that these rules are applied in your favor to help you win your disability case.

Over Age 50:  Get an Attorney who understands the Special Over-Age-50 Rules!

If you are over the age of 50, are unable to do your past work and you are limited to doing sedentary work, then you can be found disabled if you have no transferable skills to sedentary work.  If your past work was unskilled or semiskilled, and there are no sedentary jobs that require your previous skills, then you could be found disabled. If you are over age 55, are unable to do more than light work and have no transferable skills, then you can be found disabled.

Near Age 62:  Think Twice about Taking Early Retirement if you are Eligible for Disability!

If you are near age 62, disabled, and are considering applying for early retirement instead of disability benefits,you may want to reconsider.  By retiring early, you will get retirement benefits at a lower amount than you would receive by waiting until full retirement age.  An experienced disability attorney can tell you if the Over-Age-50 rules may work in your favor to help you win your disability benefits.

Why you need to call us before you apply for disability benefits!

If you are over the age of 50, it is best to start working with an attorney early in the process, from the beginning; your application.  It’s very important that the application is done right.  Your work history, transferable skills, and functional limitations must be correctly and accurately described so that these special Over-Age-50 rules can be applied in your favor.  Working together with an attorney on the disability application means that common mistakes are avoided; mistakes that could potentially limit your ability to win your case.

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